An In-Home Christmas Session with the Ehrmantrauts | Northern VA Lifestyle Family Photographer

Walking into the Ehrmantrauts' bright and airy home, I knew at once that we were going to have a great time during our session.  Everyone was happy and smiling- and very excited to get their hands on some candy!  Laurie, a fellow photographer (check out her amazing work here!!),  asked me to do an in-home lifestyle session that highlighted the Christmas season and the close relationships that she has with her family and I was so honored to be invited into her home.  After lots of laughs, some good-natured teasing, and even and icing fight, I left feeling like I was a part of the family too!  

Emily and Julia, the couple's daughters, were so incredibly sweet.  I loved that they each had their own very different and distinct personalities, but that they were still very close and each other's best friends.  I hope that my own girls have a relationship like theirs when they get older!  One of the things that moved me during the session was how sweet on each other Laurie and her husband, Chad, are.  They are college sweethearts (GO HOKIES!!) and I swear when you are around them it's like they just started dating yesterday.  They are so stinkin' cute together!!

Of course, I can't forget to tell you about their sweet little pooch, Piper, who might arguably be Laurie's favorite "kid" if she were forced to pick one, haha!  She was always by her side, and may or may not have gotten a few bits of candy just by being so cute!  If there is one thing Piper does NOT like though, it is when Laurie and Chad hug and kiss- she gets SO jealous!!  It was really funny to watch.

As I sat down to edit this gallery, I kept saying 'awwwww' over and over again because there were just so many great moments captured.  I absolutely love doing in-home sessions lifestyle photography sessions like this because I feel like it gives everyone a chance to be themselves and it allows me to look for those little actions, looks, and gestures that are the things you will want to ALWAYS remember.  

Thank you for inviting me into your home Ehrmantraut Family!  Hope you have an amazingly fun and love filled 2017.