{Ashburn, VA Child Photographer} Julianna and Erin's Mommy & Me Session

I had lunch with a friend recently and she asked me what my favorite kind of session was to shoot.  I didn't really know how to answer that question until later.  After Julianna's session, I knew the answer.  There isn't one particular type of session I like better than another.  The ones that are my favorite are the ones where the images I captured that day tell the perfect story of the person on the other side of the lens.  

This is one of those sessions for me.  Julianna is a sweet two year old little girl and her mommy loves her dearly.  She is independent, playful, and very curious.  We had an amazing time using our imaginations to pretend we were going to Queen Elsa's castle and we played until we couldn't play anymore.  I know that her mommy, Erin, and the rest of her family will always look back on these images and remember exactly what Julianna was like at two years old with curly pigtails and a sweet smile.  This was one of my favorites!