{Ashburn/Broadlands Children's Photographer} Matilda Jane Mini-Sessions

This month I had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Alyssa Borsuk, Matilda Jane 'Trunk Keeper' extraordinaire to style some mini-sessions and take photographs of these gorgeous kids all dolled up.  If you are a mom of girls and would like a new shopping addiction, check out Matilda Jane and use Alyssa's Trunk Keeper number:  #592 :-)  or you can shoot her an email at alyssab@matildajaneclothing.com .  Several of these children were former students of mine and it was so wonderful to give them hugs and see how much they have grown.  I can't believe it!!  Even though Matilda Jane is a girls'/women's clothing line, I had a few boys in my sessions because their momma was dying to have their portraits taken...I'm so glad they did!  We had a blast, but apparently I need to brush up on my sports info because I was totally saying Stephen Curry's name wrong when I was trying to make convo with the guys ;-)  Oops!!