The Glorious Ordinary 365(ish) Project 2016

Remember my 365 Project?  Well, like a lot of projects I start, I didn't quite finish it.  I was lamenting about it to another photographer friend of mine and she was like, "Kristin!  You kind of have an excuse!"  She's right.  I was stressed to the max with Lila's pregnancy, then she was born and I had two under two.  When I was able to pick clients back up after maternity leave and school started back up, I was SWAMPED!!  All of these things are fantastic and joyous reasons that I wasn't totally successful in my first 365 attempt, and there were TONS of gloriously ordinary moments I didn't capture.  Instead, I was fully immersed in those moments...the good, the bad, and everything in between.  All of them were beautiful.  

I could get down on myself for not fully completing my 365.... or I can celebrate how many images I did get.  I haven't counted, but there are a lot and I'm pretty sure it's more photos in one year than I have of my entire childhood... so in my book, I'm doing okay ;-)  

Now that things are winding down this year though, I can't help but set my sights on another 365 because I just have to try again to capture all these special moments for our girls.  I'm calling it a 365(ish) because I am going to have all the best intentions, but if I slip up that's ok.  I also thought that if I invite others to join me again that maybe I will be able to stick with it a little better.  

So, here's the scoop...

I do not love daily prompts because I don't love feeling like I have to take a photograph of something just to fit the 'word of the day'.  I want my images to feel really genuine and sticking strictly to prompts has never worked well for me.  However, it's nice to have prompts to fall back on when I do get stuck (which inevitably happens!).  Every season, I will post a very short list of prompts.  Half of the list will be seasonal prompts, almost like a brief 'bucket list' of things to photograph of your family during that season.  The other half is a list of everyday life prompts and those will remain the same throughout the year.  This way, you will wind up taking four shots of bedtime, or four shots of getting dressed, etc. throughout the year so you can see growth and document the passing of time with your family.  You can check off all the prompts, or don't look at them at all!  You can take a photo every day or once a week!  Combine it with other prompt lists!  Whatever helps you accomplish your goal.

Really, the only 'rule' is to capture your everyday, genuine, real moments as often as you possibly can.  

That's what life is made of folks.

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Here's the first one: