9.10.14 The Glorious Ordinary Project

I'm so excited to be bringing you something a little different with The Glorious Ordinary project today!  When I first got the idea for this project back in May, I was inspired by the poem "Here's to the Mothers" by Lisa-Jo Baker:

"...But in the everydayness of these moments you start to feel it...

the weight of glory, the glorious ordinary

and on your quietest, least interesting days

you get better at hearing the music of motherhood...

There is no part of your everyday wash and rinse and repeat routine that isn't significant

You make the music, that makes the life, that gives the rhythm to the day in and out and again...

You are braver than you know

because, you mother."

I have been so touched that so many of you have joined me in taking photographs of the beautiful, ordinary moments of your life.  Recently, though, I started to lose steam with this project...as I so often do.  (Is anyone else the type of person that starts projects and has trouble finishing them?)  So, I made an appeal on a photography forum that I belong to to see if anyone would be interested in doing a Glorious Ordinary blog circle.  I am so excited that several amazing photographers said YES!!!

Each month, I'll be bringing you my Glorious Ordinary moment along with a link to another member of my blog circle's post.  Each person will link to the next person until it circles back around.  You can click through each photographer's blogs to view all the different and amazing ordinary moments.  I love how projects can grow, shift, and change and I think this change will be a really wonderful experience for me.  

Please feel free to still tag your photos on Facebook and Instagram with #gloriousordinary.  It makes my heart so happy!  If you don't mind tagging me as well (FB: Kristin Cornely Photography/Insta: oursunshinelife) I will know that you posted something...I'm not always the best at checking social media these days.  Charlotte is SO busy!

So without much further ado, my Glorious Ordinary moment this month:

Summer is coming to an end...some may even say it's over now that school has started.  But, until I see a week straight of temps in the 70s it's still summer to me.  Every day, Charlotte grabs my hand, walks me to the door, and says "buh-buhls" so sweetly.  She's even learned how to blow a few now and then.  I love sitting on the deck with her, soaking up the sunshine and watching how the breeze blows that little puff of chicken fuzz hair on her head.  It is significant.  It is beautiful.  And perfectly ordinary.  

Please go to my friend, Mary's, blog and check out her Glorious Ordinary post for September:


She's amazing!  And so are the rest of the photographers in our blog circle...so check them out!